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Attended vs Unattended Studies

Sleep Study at a Sleep Disorders Facility (Attended by a Sleep Technician)

  • PSG is the gold standard for diagnosing every type of sleep disorder.
  • Patients with severe sleep apnea may have cpap therapy that same night (if a split study is ordered and the patient meets pre-defined criteria).
  • Split tests can be ordered as the first study.
  • Most patients only have a copay.
  • Our Medical Director, who is board certified in Sleep Medicine, is available for consultations to discuss results or patients' concerns.
  • Supervision of sleep studies is considered important to ensure that monitors are attached appropriately to the patient and don't become dislodged or fall off during the night.

Patient-Administered Sleep Study (Unattended)

  • Unattended sleep studies can't detect central and mixed apneas, narcolepsy, RBD, parasomnias, nocturnal episodes, seizures, RL syndrome, and other sleep disturbances.
  • Unattended sleep studies are not able to provide cpap therapy with the first study.

Source: www.rtmagazine.com


Printable/Download Forms
Forms for All-Night Sleep Studies
Sleep Study Referral Form
Screening Test for Sleep Apnea and Other Sleep Disorders

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